Jill Hubbard Cleaver
3 min readNov 21, 2023



Feel like something’s missing, something’s wrong?

Want life to feel more settled, purposeful, peaceful and interesting?

Let’s explore having more of Christ in every day. It’s easier than we may think.

Decide. Believe. Try it.

Do we want to know Him, hear Him and be more like Him?

Every activity in our day can become like a type of Christ.

Every thing we do can bring us closer to Him.

Here are some ideas.

— -Waking up: Every day is my lucky day. It’s going to be a happy day because He will be watching over me and I will be thinking of Him.

— -Prayers: I want to look at Him, ponder the wonder of His glory and ponder the wonder of the gifts He has given me.

— -Scripture study: I want to visualize His tender mercy.

— -Hydrating with pure water: He is the Living Water. I want to immerse my cells in His living water to flush out toxins and to carry nutrients, love and guidance into every cell.

— -Exercising: He created my body temple. I will let Him help me care for it.

— -Eating: He is the Bread of Life. I want to partake and absorb His bread, His light, love and truth into every cell to nourish and strengthen me.

— -Showering: I’m grateful for His loving and powerful Atonement to make me clean.

— -Dressing: I am grateful for clothes, shelter and all the things that make life easier.

— -Putting on my shoes: I am grateful for my feet which can run and not be weary. I want to run gladly when He asks for my help.

— -Breathing and meditating: He lends me the breath of life.

— -Phone calls and paperwork: His thoughts are higher than my thoughts. He knows the solution to every complex situation. He will guide my magnificent brain.

— -Housecleaning: God is a God of order, and cleanliness is next to godliness.

— -Sports and games: He wants me to be lighthearted. His whole plan is structured around family and social connection.

— -Coaching and teaching: He is the ultimate example of questions and listening and understanding.

— -Hiking: God told the prophets to go to the mountains to commune with Him.

— -Serving others: This is how He spent His whole life and this is how He wants me to spend my whole life. He wants me to figure out how to make it joyful.

— -Connecting with my spouse: God will tell me what my spouse needs. He will tell me what to say. He will spark joyful ideas.

— -Sleeping: Enter into His rest to reset and rejuvenate. I like to fall asleep thinking about Him.

— -Making mistakes: I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Please change me. I will try again.

Everything in our day can remind us of Christ.

Decide. Believe. Try it.

We can choose daily to focus on Him, bring Him into everything we do, always remembering Him.